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Romance of China


Destination WeddingsChina has always been an intriguing destination, but the buzz accompanying the upcoming 2008 Beijing Olympics has pushed the country to the top of many travelers' wish lists. With an English-speaking staff split between San Francisco and Beijing. Imperial Tours specializes in creating Western-friendly tours that showcase parts of the country not easily accessible to first-time visitors. Honeymooners can enjoy a white-linen banquet on a secluded section of the Great Wall, float down the Li River past local fishermen and grazing water buffalo, or learn the art of silk making in the Suzhou district of Shanghai. The company offers a regular slate of itineraries (its latest addition is Yunan Province, near Tibet, where you can visit a remote township considered by many to be the fabled Shangri-la), but can also create custom agendas for couples or groups, always accompanied be a bilingual host. Private tours from $5,500 per person for a five-day trip.

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