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Outstanding Outfitters: Who to Call


Outstanding Outfitters : who to call

by Sophy Roberts

"Travel + Leisure" cover, September 2004I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed meeting and being with you and how absolutely well, imperial everything was. You are indeed a remarkable company and I hope to convey my enthusiasm and awe in the October issue.”—Richard David Story, Editor in Chief

Beyond American Express Platinum Travel Service, we can wholeheartedly recommend the following three companies: Each offers a variety of programs, has different specialities, and can tailor itineraries to most needs. But what really makes them stand out is their laudable understanding of the demanding American, their ability to deal with the complexities of travel in China’s outback (not only the hotels but also bad roads and tedious officialdom), and their conspicuous talent for bringing to life the country’s immense history and fast changing culture. This is when good guides are invaluable and China, in all its glory, becomes one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

Imperial Tour

When Nancy Kim started Imperial Tours six years ago with her husband, Guy Rubin, she used her mother-an ineffably chic and well-traveled woman-as her reference point for the ideal but demanding customer. “She went with us every where,” Kim says. “I wanted her reaction-and sometimes she would say, ‘Dear, that’s a very “interesting” restaurant, but I don’t think so.’” To this day, there are certain, sometimes even popular, destinations that Imperial believes are just too uncomfortable for many Americans.” If we aren’t happy with the accommodations, we simply don’t believe our customers will be either,” Rubin explains. That the company is operated and owned by Kim and Rubin imparts an exquisite immediacy that’s just impossible to duplicate. The fact that it is based in China but run by Westerners is equally appealing. 888-888-1970


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