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The A-List 70 Travel Super-Agents


by Shane Michell and Stephen Whitlock

Meet the SUPERAGENTS, 70 travel consultants who'll make your next vacation the trip of a lifetime. 
"Travel + Leisure" cover: September 2002

Travel & Leisure presents the A-list, a roster of the 70 top travel agents in various areas of expertise, who can help you experience the best that the world has to offer. So next time you'd like to have a 500-pound terra-cotta warrior shipped home, or need to find out the thread count of the linens in the hotels you're planning to visit - all actual requests - you'll know whom to call.


GUY RUBIN - CHINA Years as agent: 3. Years as specialist: 3. Top tip: The jagged, fog-shrouded Yellow Moutnains and their picturesque villages, where parts of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" were filmed. Rubin's clients are treated to a performance by a former National Opera star who owns a teahouse there. Imperial Tours Tel - (888) 888 1970;


September 2002, TRAVEL & LEISURE