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Exclusive Dining Experiences


Luxury Travel AdvisorImperial Tours has launched two new culinary inspired "Imperial Moments" that can be incorporated into travel itineraries visiting Beijing:
A private meal in the Cheng Courtyard where menus from famous meals of Chinese modern history can be replicated [and a] banquet in an exclusive section of the Forbidden City.

Dinner at Cheng Courtyard
Guests of Imperial Tours now have the opportunity to dine at Cheng Courtyard, an aristocratic home bequeathed to Chairman Mao's personal chef (Chef Cheng), who prepared meals for the visiting Viscount Montgomery, the Dalai Lama and the last Emperor of China among other dignitaries.  Presently, the chef's grandson, himself also a Master Chef, oversees meals during behind-the-scenes ministerial level meetings in this exclusive retreat.  Now, Imperial's guests can be treated to the culinary wizardry of 11 chefs, who recreate menus shared in the past by important political figures at this small, exclusive venue. 

Cheng Courtyard is located across the street from Zhongnanhai, the headquarters of Chinese leadership and one of the most exclusive addresses in Beijing. 

Forbidden City Banquet
Imperial Tours has been granted the privilege of arranging banquet dinners for its guests in a recently renovated, three-floor palace (not open to the general public) within the Forbidden City.  Views from the palace's third floor are among the best available in the entire 178-acre complex.  Commissioned by Emperor Qianlong in 1740, this private palace consists of nine ornate buildings within a maze of walkways, courtyards and gardens.  Recently restored to full splendor (following a fire in the early 20th century), the palace provides a magnificent setting for a memorable banquet.

Imperial Tours offers customized private tours and scheduled escorted group departures with bi-lingual, China-based Western hosts who accompany each program. Founded in 1999, Imperial Tours has offices in Beijing, San Francisco, Frankfurt and the UK. 

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