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Huizhou Villages

Huizhou merchants occupy a significant place in the history of Chinese commerce, having for 300 years dominated the region. Their business was all-embracing: tea, grain, salt, silk, cloth, wood, paint, paper, ink, pottery, basically anything profitable. The salt trade and pawn-broking, however, were the big earners. As you will see, they also opened teahouses, restaurants, hotels and pawnshops, leaving a fascinating architectural, commercial and educational legacy. Aristocrats from all across China incorporated Huizhou village design in their mansions’ architecture.

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Huizhou Villages: China Luxury Tours Destination in Huangshan
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Lotus pond in front of Hongcun village, Huizhou : China Luxury Travel destination near Huangshan
Memorial arch commemorating filial piety in Huizhou: China Luxury Tours Destination near Huangshan
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