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Great Wall (ancient section)

In his poem “Go North of the Great Wall”, Tang dynasty (618– 907) poet Wang Zhihuan wrote, “Beyond the Jade Gate Pass, the breath of spring has never crossed”. This old trading post and the singing sand dunes to the south stand in stark contrast to the arid landscape.

After passing the Jade Gate Pass, there can be seen some of the earliest remnants of the old Great Wall: stamped earth, sand, straw and brushwood. From thousands of miles east, the Great Wall in its many guises stretches its knotted spine to arrive and end here in the stony, desert plains of Dunhuang. This section of older wall is a more humble affair, and should not be confused by the visitor with more traditional notions of bricks and mortar. That more picturesque version is not to be found here and came much later, mostly in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Bring a camera and water.

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Great Wall (ancient section): China Luxury Tours Destination in Dunhuang
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Ancient section of the Great Wall in the Taklamakan desert: China Luxury Tours Destination in Dunhuang
History lesson at the ancient Han wall: China Luxury Tours Destination in Dunhuang
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